Q : Am I eligible for Defensive Driving Course, Texas? How do I find out?
Ans: You don't have to worry about that. Although there are different rules on how you can take the defensive driving course and how often you could do that. The purpose of the Texas defensive driving courses also varies from state to state. To make all things clear this site will let you know whether the course is eligible is not.
Q : How long is the course completion?
Ans: Typically, the Texas defensive driving course goes up to the length of 3 to 6 hours. You can however split the time or if you can take the course in those time duration.
Q : Is there any time limit for the course completion?
Ans: Yes, from the day you registered, you must try to complete the course within 180 days. Any participants who have not completed the defensive driving in Texas course within the time limit they will be terminated without notice. Moreover, there won't be any refund if such cases happens.
Q : What if I don't clear the exam?
Ans: You will be given chances to retake the exam. But how many attempts you may give might altogether depend on the state you are staying.
Q : Tell me about the course completion policy.
Ans: All phases of the defensive driving in Texas curriculum approved must be completed to receive the certificate of completion. We will not issue any certificate of completion if you have not completed the course or when you don't meet all the requirements for the completion of the course.
Q : What about the testing and grading policy.
Ans: You will find a quiz or quizzes in each chapter. It reviews the important content from the chapters. Depending on the Texas defensive driving courses you take, the number of quiz or quizzes will vary. These quizzes will only act as a mean to provide you the opportunity to score well in your exam and the result will have nothing to do with your final grade. The final exam is necessary to get your grade and certificate of completion.
Q : Tell me more about the operation and conduct policy.
Ans: You must know that we will only credit and issue the certificate of completion to the participants only. We will not entertain any other party who are not directly related to the course. When you enroll our Texas defensive driving course you are under the penalty of perjury that you and you only will study the material and complete the course. We remind our students that it is a felony to falsify the documents or make false statement submitted by the court.
Q : Is your website safe and secure?
Ans: 100%. We assure our clients that our site is safe and secure to use. We offer a high degree of confidentiality. Our website has the latest technology that will work to protect both parties at any level.
Q : What if I forgot my password?
Ans: You can go on to our password retrieval form in case you forgot your password. We will mail the login name and password to your valid email address. In case you have changed your email id or have not provided us with that then kindly contact our customer service.
Q :What kind of certificate delivery option do you provide?
Ans: With us, you will get many options regarding the certificate delivery. Depending on what requirements your state needs, we will deliver your certificate. If your state requires the certificate to be mailed to then, we will do so. In some states, you can print out the certificate from your very own computer. To make all things easier we offer service of premium delivery but for an additional cost.
Q :How long does it take to deliver the certificate?
Ans: The certificate will be processed weekdays at 5 PM central time. If you have completed our defensive driving online Texas after 5 PM then, it will be processed the following business day. We will take at least 3 to 5 business days to deliver the certificate. However, for premium delivery services we charge additional fee.
Q :What if I lost my certificate and need another?
Ans: No worries. In case such things happen then, you must contact our customer support representatives and request for a reprint Texas defensive driving course certificate.
Q :What if I lost my certificate and need another?
Ans: No worries. In case such things happen then, you must contact our customer support representatives and request for a reprint Texas defensive driving course certificate.
Q :How do I make the Texas defensive driving course payment?
Ans: Defensive Driving, Texas offers you multiple payment options. We accept credit card or debit card with a MasterCard/Visa logo, personal check from our clients through our secure server. If any case you are reluctant to make the online payment then, you can also make the payment through the phone. You can contact our customer service representatives for that. You can also submit the payment by mailing to our corporate office. Go through our Contact Us page and you can send the personal check or money order through the given address.

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